General Information

All proposals to GAM follow a call for contributions, providing the thematic focus of the upcoming issue and a submission deadline. Proposals of submissions are handed in via email to, including the contribution’s title, abstract (max. 200 words) and a short biographical statement. As GAM is a bilingual magazine, proposals in German or English will be considered. After acceptance, authors are kindly asked to follow the guidelines below before submitting their manuscripts.

Manuscript Preparation

English contributions must follow the Author’s Guidelines and use American English spelling throughout. Authors whose first language is not English or German or authors who feel that their manuscript may require editing (in terms of eliminating errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation or phrasing) are advised to have their texts copyedited before submission. GAM provides professional translations into German or English free of charge.

Peer Review

GAM uses a double-blind peer review process, in which both the reviewer and author remain anonymous. All research articles will be initially screened by the editors before they are sent to the assigned reviewers. Authors may be asked by the editors to revise their manuscripts before they go into peer review.

Visual Material

GAM encourages the authors to submit photographs, drawings, diagrams, maps, or other imagery in order to illustrate their argument(s) in the text. Authors are responsible for requesting and obtaining the permission of the holders of copyrights or authority to reproduce visual material. We kindly ask all authors to obtain all reprint permissions before submission. All submitted illustrations must include a caption indicating the holder of the copyright or institution. GAM does not cover reproduction fees and will not remain responsible for any kind of copyright violation on the part of the author’s visual material. Authors will be asked to only provide high resolution copies (min. 300 dpi) of their illustrations. For illustrations containing small type and/or fine lines (charts, maps, graphs, diagrams, etc.) vector-based files should be submitted to make it suitable for press printing and publishing.


By submitting the manuscript to GAM, authors give their permission for the submitted text and image material to be published on the GAM website. With the approval for print, the author assures that the submitted text (in both the German and English version) and illustrations do not violate any third party’s rights.


For the preparation or submission of Book Reviews please contact our Book Review Editor.
For the preparation or submission of Faculty News please contact our Coordinator of the Faculty News.